2016 Global Collections


As we connect around the world, we see our personal histories, our
stories, more and more entwined. If our stories were to take shape they
would be complicated, layers of lines and patterns, sometimes fine and
detailed and other times broad and gestural. The Narratives Collection
is an elegant rendering of what this might look like.

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Equal Measure Collection

The beauty of any cobblestone path is how consistently random it is.
While each stone is distinct, every path bears the signature of its maker. Our new
Equal Measure Collection works the same way, bringing unexpected nuances
and variations to whatever design path you’re on.

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Near & Far Collection

From use of materials to color placement to texture, our new Near & Far
Collection takes its cues from both art and nature. See what happens when made
and found design aesthetics come together and make a statement that feels
perfectly natural.

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Architectural Tools

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