Luxury Hospitality Flooring
Inspired by Nature

City of Angels

City of Angels, a new hospitality area rug for guest rooms, is a
repetition of short lines loosely formed into a pattern to create
an abstraction of a grid and a hand-drawn effect. It’s made with
a beautiful yarn that captures light and provides the softest
underfoot comfort for hospitality settings.

LA Confidential

LA Confidential adds color to City of Angels in a unique way. The accent
color placement adds a new layer and depth to the grid, as if the rug were
stamped or veiled with translucent color. More than beauty, this carpet
maintains the expected performance characteristics of products from
Interface Hospitality.

Havana Nights

Within the same scale of finely drawn lines, Havana Nights introduces a
vibrant and seductive pattern shift in an area rug. The hand drawn technique
travels in zigs and zags, tracing new terrain and introducing new details. It’s
also made with the same light capturing yarn as City of Angels and
LA Confidential, and pairs nicely for visual interest in a hospitality space.

Bridge Club

Bridge Club is a collection of four Skinny Planks styles, Agnes, Betty,
Claire and Dolly, that play together through texture and contrast. Inspired
by natural, organic movement, Bridge Club creates a floorscape from plush
to flat, one shade to another, with high and low piles reflective of nature’s
floor. Invite the girls over and elevate your hospitality space to a new
level of luxury.

Big Apple

A park is the most explicit example of our desire to engage with nature,
designing natural settings out of natural elements. Part of the new area
rug collection designed for guest rooms, Big Apple elevates hospitality
design by bringing the park inside via carpet tiles with elegant, organic lines, referencing branches, fissures in stone and the veins in a leaf.

Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday, one of the new hospitality area rugs for guest rooms, plays
like a map of the Eternal City with meandering paths carving the surface and
deep sumptuous hues describing the undertones. A slight twist to the finish of these carpet tiles adds just the right amount of charisma to the floor.

Springtime in Paris

Inspired by the architectural contours revealed by the Parisian sun in spring, Springtime in Paris brings warmth and texture to hospitality floors with a lush and shimmery yarn. Part of a new collection of carpet tile area rugs designed for guest rooms, Springtime in Paris offers sensual touch and nuance to the entire guest experience.

Out of the Woods

Out of the Woods abstracts the patterns where branches and leaves meet trunks and the sky, creating silhouettes that are both familiar and new. The styles in this carpet tile collection are designed to seamlessly connect to each other or install on their own, allowing you to create truly unique designs for your hospitality floors.


Whether in a mountain retreat or a cozy paneled lounge in the city, a fireplace has undeniable allure. Fireside, with its muted hues, shifting texture and deep, plush construction, lets you bring that sense of comfort and luxury to hospitality floors with the flexibility of carpet tile.


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